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1. The ability to appear and disappear at the blink of an eye. Similar to the Batman, but without the smoke screens and the batmobile.

2. Having no sense of what "appropriate" is when telling jokes and when expressing his opinion.

3. The utter disdain for Bill O Reilly and the entire cast of Fox News, Wolf Blitzer and most of CNN....and almost any hardline democrat or republican
1: Where did he go?

I Don't know...jon was here a second ago, his car is gone.

Wow, how does he pull a bradley lytle like that?

2: What's the differrence between a pizza and a jew?

Dude....stop being a bradley lytle...thats insensitive.

2: I wish bill o reilly would get smacked in the face by jesse jacksons left shoe...

Man....thats harsh, why do you have to be so Bradley Lytle towards those guys?
by Bizzle Lytle March 03, 2010
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