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A girl who NEEDS to where a bra but doesnt. yes i know it is very disturbing, ecspecially when they where a tank top. yikes!!!

Also a girl who takes a "shower" but.... really doesnt take one and that smell like B.O. like 24-7!!!!!!

They may also talk about their friends from home that you have no clue who they are.....A LOT!!!!!!!

Abi: Effing epiphany!!!
EVERBODY else: what are you talking about!!!!??? WTf!!!
Abi: you know beth right?
EVERBODY else: NO! who the frick are you talking about???!!!
Abi: my bestfriend from home.
EVERBODY else: how the heck am i supposed to know her???!!!!
Abi: idk but she just had an effing epiphany.
EVERBODY else: and we care whyyyy.....
Abi: i dont know....EMILY can i go watch you and Gerber baby go make-out!!!!!??????

Abi= Bra-less Wonder!!!!shhhhhh she doesnt know it yet....hehe
by Sexy Schaefer. September 28, 2007
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