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Bozza tapas is a cheap strong smelling form of hair styling product. Popular with the male Eastern Europeans. A greasy,sticky substance that makes a distinct 'pat' sound when applied. Usually a gel or styling clay of low value such as tesco value or asda smart price. Used to slick back the hair of a dirty bosnian swooner. These men are usually rather nonsified and resemble a eastern european bobby dazzler, and eye up young girls, often underage. They will make perverted and sexual remarks as you walk past, often you will not be able to understand these remarks due to their bozzer accent. These dirty bozzers can usually be located sat at tables outside cafes opposite hounslow bus garage, waiting for school girls to get off the bus.
Fabretzio's helmet frolecd exoctically in the poluted air of hounslow east whilst screamin tropical cock n bull to the public,
er what's that hard clumpy shite mounted to that dirty bozzas nugget ... Look at him, just LOOK at him, it's bozza tapas of course
by Lollingalltheway November 21, 2014
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