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One of the most retard football teams in Junior High and Senior High School football. The coaches are completely incompetent, though they think they are good. The team consist of a homosexuell ape, a troll, ,some bilo and kids who take it it to seriously, like miss time to spend with their kid to play. The coaches are the worst of it, they have no idea of what they are fucking doing. They mostly get their plays of of madden. They have no lives what so ever. They make you want to hate football. They think they can win pac 10 championships and when they don't they get pissed at the players for their sucky coaching . One of the kids on the team is fucking one of the coach's wife behind his back
guy1: hey, don't you go to boyertown?
guy2: ya
guy1: do you play Boyertown football?
guy2: hell no. the coaches suck, the only reason why I am on the team is so I can fuck my coaches wife
by NaziWarMachine June 16, 2010
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