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Verb: When females set out to gain the interest of potential male suitors in the Wrigleyville area of Chicago. Assuredly receiving dinner/drink invites from handsome men. Can also be a bait and switch tactic where, once the invitation is accepted, the female substitutes a less attractive, sometimes heavy-set lady, to go in her place.
Male Suitor: I really would like the opportunity to take you to dinner. Do you like Gibsons Steakhouse?
Female Boy Picker: That sounds great. Should be a good time.
Male Suitor: Sweet, I'll sit at the bar to meet you. Should we say Wednesday at 8?
Female: See you then

Weds at 8pm
Female's friend: Didn't you have that date tonight?
Female: yeah but I was just Boy Pickin in the Wrig and I pulled a bait and switch with Aubrey. You know she hasn't had a date in months.
by DingDangDingDong August 29, 2008
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