The wife of an adult scout. Although these men are amazing, sweet, handy men who can do just about everything they are never around because they are shaping the minds of the future amazing men of the world. Every woman deserves a husband amazing as a boy scout but they should know that they are in for lots of camp-outs, banquets, and time spent in the woods. Not always a bad thing. But you have to be open-minded with nature and trees and non cleanliness of dishes because these are outdoors men and they are worth it.
woman one: "your husband is away AGAIN this weekend?"
woman 2: "yeah I'm a boy scout widow"
woman 1: "you poor thing?"
woman 2: *looks quizically at her friend* "why? he is the best husband in the world. wheres your husband?"
woman 1: "drunk on the couch watching the game"
woman 2: "mine is helping kids become better men." *gives the you fail look*
by BoyScout'sGirl January 19, 2011