Someone who wants the experiences that go with being male, but never the negative consequences that go with being male, which is why she thinks being male vomes with lots of privileges that she doesn't have. In reality females get to do lots of things males don't, and you don't see as many males whining about wanting to have the same experiences females get to have.
Hopefully the jury will give the officer that shot Daunte Wright the same negative experience that they gave a male, Derek Chauvin, since some females seem to think life would be better/easier if they were male. Hopefully they don't go as easy on her as a jury usually would a female, after all Daunte Wright would usually be the bad guy just for being a male involved in a confrontation with a female, without anybody thinking about why it might have happened, and mindlessly defending the female, as usual. The boundless optimist was the real cynic, because nobody else had to be optimistic or look forward to something that wasn't positive, they could take a spade for what it was.
by Solid Mantis April 21, 2021
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