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Adjective - (bou-ld), Noun - (bou-zee)

1. One who falls asleep in places beyond the parameters of the social norm. The more inconsiderate and compromising the circumstances for this idiopathic act of sleeping is, the "boulder" the bowsie is perceived.

2. Your stereotypical college bum who goes days without leaving the house/seeing daylight, insisting on 11+ hours of sleep per night. Remains a stain to society and an economic drain.

Origin: The phrase was coined as a result of a bout of untimely somnolence during pillow talk. Those who experience narcoleptic episodes mid-conversation are widely considered to be the "bouldest" bowsies around.
1. Simon: Was the film you saw in the cinema tonight any good?

Niall: I don't know, I fell asleep after 15 minutes.

Simon: Oh my God, you're a bowsie, a bould bowsie!

2. Simon: Well man, how did your exam at 3pm go?

Niall: Aw, I was too tired to go in, it looked cold outside so i just stayed in bed.

Simon: You're nothing but a bould bowsie.
by Billy Brennan November 22, 2013
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