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A look of bitterness, self-centeredness and sense of entitlement common among the native females of Boston.

Men who are white, > 6' tall and appear to have $$$ are slightly less likely to receive the BBF. If you are a racial or ethnic minority you have encountered the BBF many times just for walking on the same sidewalk as these women or having the misfortune of being too close to them on a crowded train.
The BBF can be found across many demographics, but more so among the following 2 groups:

1)Women in their mid 20’s - 30’s. They're usually the overachieving, working their way up the corporate ladder types. They are too busy to appreciate life and are in definite need of a good rogering. They hit their mid 30’s, realize they are single, hear the clock ticking and loosen up a bit.

2)College girls. Typically socially retarded outside of their small circle of friends, they are completely unable to entertain the possibility that cool people exist outside of said sphere. However, since they are so retarded, it is rather easy to engage them in conversation and possible sex when they are stumbling around the city shit faced during the weekends.

Most have no discernable traits that would justify such attitude. They are a major irritation for the male population and cause many to overindulge at the city’s many drinking establishments. Fortunately, many of these same establishments are frequented by out of staters and foreign tourists, who have a much more genteel disposition.
Dude #1: Hey, let's go talk to those two yoga-mat carrying, wine drinking honeys!

Dude #2: Dude, whattya crazy?! They got the raging Boston Bitch Faces going!

Dude #1: True! Let's get a shot and wait for the drunk BU skanks to show up.

Dude #2 Word!
by DirtiDimitri January 29, 2011
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