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Nickname given to Chris Bosh after playing like a "spice girl" during the 2010-11 NBA Season.
Bosh Spice goes in for a layup.
by Jerm City June 05, 2011
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a term coined by the great espn analyst skip bayless. the ter, refers to lack of toughness or the overall "softness" of the former toronto raptor and current miami heat power forward chris bosh.
person 1: u saw how the cryami heat choked in the 2011 finals?

person 2: yeah man, that fool chris bosh didnt even make it to the locker room after the game, he fell on his knees and cried in the tunnel.

person 1: tsk tsk tsk.......BOSH SPICE!!!

person 2 : LIKE A BOSH!!!
by BOSH SPICE June 16, 2011
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