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Boot Kafuffle is a game which involves 2 players, a trampoline and a ball.

The rules are simple. One player must bounce on the trampoline whilst the other player stands outside the trampoline. Each player must take it in turn to thrown the ball at the other player who must try and catch it. If the player drops the ball or the ball lands outside the trampoline area then a point is awarded to the player who threw the ball. The player who is outside the trampoline must ensure that they throw the ball inside the trampoline area or the opponent receives a point.

Variations -

Rodeo Boot Kafuffle.
In this version, each player must throw the ball at their opponent immediately and without hesitation (i.e. non-stop). Any hesitation will involve the opponent receiving a point.
Do you want to play Boot Kafuffle?
Yes sure - who wants to be in the trampoline?
I do.
Lets go then.
by thedarkoner May 19, 2014
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