Book Of Slang Part-2
A large category of slang words,
nut, da bomb, coolin' it, Jack boyz, marks, bustas, In da Game, Bust a move, keep it trill, fock 'em, off da hook, skrrt, fresh cut, C.R.E.A.M, Represent, hot gril, Ball boi, oh-oh, ballout, Pistol totin, zip, pimpin’, OG, kandy, finesse, screwed & chopped, Finesser, Bopper, Woozzed-Out, bopping, dem, spinners, mood, vibe, bop, Suwitchboy, gold digger, DTB, G, gangsta, Ratchet, Bent, fly, Hood, Tight, Marinate, chill, chillax, dazzling, Gem, Bezel, Bezeled out, Precious jewel, gap, sleazy, Knobber, slob it, dirty whore, street whore, nasty whore, dirty face, she slobbed, freaky hoe, racks, Crunk, pop’sumthan, poppin, lean, Cad, Caddy, Lac, Benz, Benzo, ghost, Beamer, Henny, Ghostride, Woo, Juggalo, jugalette, Diss, Mo' Fo', Hen, Scrilla, Wifey, kicks, Flossin, glossin’, Trap house, Bizzle, Fizzle, Hizzle, Rizzle, Nizzle, Fo'shizzle, Shiznit, Skizzle,Tizzle, Wizzle, Bando, Hol’ up, mayne Hol’ up, Boss Playa, Dope game, hustla, Act, Drank; Lean; Purple; Purple Drank; Sizurup; Sizzurp; Syrup, Pressure, bling-bling, grillz, streetwear, Bullet Chain, Large medallions, cuban link, Clout, Wave, plug, drippin’, Laced,pop’sumthlean, Cad, Caddy, Lac, Benz, Benzo, CRIP> Slobs, BlOOD> crabs, Beamer, Henny, Ghostride, dripped, Drip, bags, swag, bands, Trap, cap, cappa, slugfest,
BY: MillYentei D.Y
Person: I love this Book Of Slang Part-2
by MillYentei DYSlick May 29, 2022