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The Book of the Thug Life is in the progress of being written by the thuggest dude himself, Schmurr or Due Sette. It's a memoir/biography of all the things Due Sette has seen in his life or knows he will have to face. Also featured in the book are all the typical situations a thug might have to encounter and the proper response. The table of contents goes as follows:
1. How To Know You're Legit
2. What Is a Thug?
3. Why You Wish You Were a Thug
4. The Thug Life
5. Why Most People Can't Handle The Thug Life
6. Hop Off the Term Thug If You Are Not a Thug
7. Why I Am a Thug(My Biographical Reference)
8. Who Can Stop a Thug(Nobody)
9. Rule #1 of a Thug
10. The Thug Life Rules
11. What To Do When You Encounter...?

This is the official preview of the next big thing in the literature business. This is all you can see until it is actually written.
Explicit content is used and it is strongly advised that the book should not be read by all.
I wish I was a thug so I'm going to go out and buy the Book of the Thug Life.
by Schmurr April 01, 2009
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