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One whom secretly flicks boogers on public urinal walls right in front of the urinal. Also the metal doors right in front of the public toilet, the toilet walls leave for complete stealth and privacy, but the urinal is a first choice as more people will be exposed the booger(s). This is not limited to males, females will usually do this to get back at their friends, thus mostly doing this in a private home bathroom. There is a code amongst the Booger Bandit elite-'Never cover up another Bandits handiwork, only improve on the motherfucker with a perfectly placed booger.'
Whilst taking a shit at work, Mark peered straight ahead and noticed that the office Booger Bandit was in fine form that morning having covered the toiled door with a red and green booger. He was disgusted, yet curiously aroused by the mystique and dedication of the Booger Bandit.
by Rimjob Ninja February 21, 2011
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