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Another Gen-Z-degenerate word created by an idiot, "Boofled" is the love-child of the word "oof" and the suffix "led" (pronounced boof'ld). Boofled is basically a hard-B alternative to the word rekt or rekt'd, for when you want that extra punch for raucous elation (say when you clutch a 1v3 of trash talkers in Rainbow 6 Siege) or furious proclamation (say when you get spawn-killed). Oofled (pronounced oof'ld) means the same thing, but with less emotional punch.

For the parts of speech, this word is actually quite simple: Boofle, Oofle, Boofled, and Oofled are all verbs.
-Get boofled idiot.

-I got absolutely boofled.


-I just oofled someone off the road.

-Please don't oofle my health away.

-"Are you gonna destroy me?" - "Oh I'm gonna do worse than that, I'm gonna make sure you get boofled AND oofled!"
by MakerUppersOfWorders September 13, 2020
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