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When a woman's belly sticks out further than her boobies do.
There are 4 types of Boobie-doo Disease.
- Pregnitis: A fully acceptable and temporary form caused by being pregnant.
- Indentitis: Acceptable, but disappointing. This is the result of extreme lack of boobies, also know as being flat.
- Ponchitis: The ponch creates a belly that is much too flabby. Cures are possible through diet and exercise.
- Guntitis: More common in older females. The mystery that is the gunt, which is partly made up of belly, protrudes a distance greater than the boobies.
Hey man, why won't you go on a date with Sarah?
Dude, she's caught a bad case of Boobie-doo Disease.
Yeah man, serious case of Ponchitis!

Hey Trevor, I noticed your girl's showing early signs of Boobie-doo Disease, you gonna step in and say something?
No worries, bro. It's just a case of Pregnitis!
For real? Congrats buddy!
by JettSkyler June 28, 2010
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