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i. The act of owning, and managing, a store that sells devices used for smoking marijuana.

ii. A college major wherein one seeks to obtain the necessary skills to own and run their very own head shop.

iii. Using a vast array of blown-glass pieces to smoke mass quantities of marijuana out of.
i. Glass aficionado #1: Dude, that guy has an awesome headshop.
Glass aficionado #2: Ya. I wonder if his bong shop management skills could put a kid through college?

ii. Kid (over the phone): Mom, I've decided that I'm going to change my major from engineering to bong shop management.
Mom: Well, just make sure your father doesn't find out or he'll cut you off.

iii. Kid (thinking his slang will keep his parents unaware): Mom, I'm going down the street to Rick's house to do bong shop management!
Mom: I know what that means!!!
by detroit velvet smooth December 05, 2009
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