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The act of two women (FFM) performing a Fellatio as a threesome.
One woman lies between the other woman's legs and rests her weight on the bottom woman's pubic bone, missionary position. The man kneels beside them and slides his penis between their cheeks while they kiss to warm up their lips. Now you have one woman on top of the penis kissing it and licking it sideways while the other is doing the exact same thing but she's underneath working the bottom of the penis. Both women must work together as a team simultaneously to give maximum results. They both begin by kissing the shaft and the balls, slowly sliding their tongues and lips towards the tip of the penis where they both quickly flick the tip with their tongues. One woman takes in the head of the penis while the other takes in his balls and sucks them gently then with slight pressure pop them out. They both keep on sliding their tongues and mouths across the penis in long motions, when they reach the tip they both simultaneously slide their lips without using their tongue overzealously across the head around twenty times then flick the tip using their tongues. If the man is adventurous, both women can suck on an ice block and continue working the penis. One can suck the penis while the other sucks his balls and massages his perineum and the outside of his anus using her manicured fingers. The women continue to slide that boner sideways by sucking, licking, flicking, scoffing, pecking and munching it until he orgasms.
Sean: "I had the best bone slider ever last night"
Tom:"Your so lucky!"
Sean: "I sure am, we had a threesome. Those girls blew me away."
by Peeweecock October 10, 2017
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