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An imaginary device that allows a person to recognize when another person has a boner--or has recently seen an attractive person.

Usually held by guys when with other guys. A constant beeping sound is a classic sign of someone's bonar sonar being activated.

Note: The bonar sonar tells when other people have a boner, not yourself. So if person A has a boner, person B would be notified by his bonar sonar.
*An attractive female walks by*

Friend A: (Stares at ass)

Friend B: "Wow, my Bonar Sonar is going crazy right now"


*Friend C is talking to attractive female*

Friend A: "Beep, beep, beep"

Friend B: "What?"

Friend A: "Look"

Friend B: "Haha. He's a player"
by Mr. BonarSonar June 16, 2010
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