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1. Interjection often used to represent a great feeling of joy or pride.
2. Interjection often used to represent surprise (emphasized differently from above with a slight chortle on the first Bom and the last Bom)
3. If used properly, it can be used as just about any word in a sentence and could have a myriad of meanings.
4. Has no relation to the term "Da Bom"
Craig drops a tap of Cesium into a flask of water and it explodes into a million shards, Jonzen's probable response would be, "Bom de le Bom-Bom!" with a smile provided no one was 'seriously' injured.
If Jonzen is treated to a pleasant surprise which fills him with happiness, he would most likely interject, "Bom de le Bom-Bom.)
"Bom de le Bom-Bom was Bom and le Bom'd de le Bom-Boming de le." (Translating to either 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.', or 'Lord Liu Bei, you must retreat!')
by Jonzen Bane May 05, 2003
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