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A tribe which began when Sea Lie Finis was impregnated by Finis Henderson, who had formerly had a love affair with Dode Cockslap. The first Bolme's were a rather simple people, scavenging whatever they could find and consuming it, assuming it was food. This was until of course the Bolme's learned how to grow their own food through the great Jeff in the sky, after one of them had willingly thrown himself into the river, after all, what had he done for himself lately? At this point in time the Bolme's began the large scale cultivation of hemp, as well as less important agricultural goods, like food for example. And, after the Bolme's discovered the mystical powers contained within the hemp plant, that could be released if heat was applied, they began the recreational consumption of cannabis on a daily basis. After that, with the help of the Sagert tribe, they proceeded to develop and live by the concept of dome.
by portlandish March 26, 2010
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