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Bollywood is indian film industry and Heist is a slang term for a type of robbery. Bollywood Heist is mix of Bollywood Soundtrack and unsigned Desi & Fijian Hip-Hop Artist's. It's a street mix for the new generation.

"Bollywood Heist" was originate by DJ Midknyte of Fauji DJ's.

Bollywood Heist's Desi Hip-Hop Artist: Rishi Raj, Pakman, Asi Khan, Emcee Hash, The Network and more.
Bollywood Heist's Fijian Hip-Hop Artist: Hylite, Pacifik, Plain, Nav, DJ Reckless, DJ Midknyte and more.
bollywood heist bollywood heist
fijian hip-hop desi hip-hop dj midknyte
by Fauji DJ's May 13, 2009
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