The act of globally blocking a moderator/administrator from the classic wikipedia knockoff called FANDOM for zero reason. Its like the sick child cummers (FANDOM staff and SOAP) come out to cum on little children and let them slaughter themselves even though they did NOTHING WRONG!!!

The act of Boeing 787 landing gear caused the suicides of more than 100000 Wikia users over the years.
Megan: Ah fuck, Knmagor0024 got blocked! that sucks cuz I liked her!
Yura Kuzenkov: Knmagor0024 got blocked because he made an inside joke about slaguthering pigs.
Megan: Fuck your shit Yura, you just Boeing 787 Landing Gear'ed Knmagor.
Yura Kuzenkov: I ain't put 10 tires on her wings!
Megan: Choke on my Av33's 9 inch schlong I never wanna use FANDOM ever again.
Yura Kuzenkov: Ill fuckin leak your IP adress and global block your account too.
Megan: dont you damn dare Boeing 787 Landing Gear my acc!
Yura Kuzuenkov: *Blocks Megan globally*
by Boo Radley Game May 24, 2022
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