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the desired outcome to have a body shape simular to a trash bag full of pop corn.

a way of life for some morbidly obese people with no shame about eating and stuffing themselves.

the type that sweat when they eat, are out of breath in line at the buffet

the physical apperence of a body type of a person who is addicted to fast food, aka slob.

A woman who is on the Body by Burger king plan could be later caught by commercial whaleing.
I graduated with that girl, she used to be so hot, I guess she found Body by burger king, I didnt even reconize her, i thought she was the Michelen Man's kid sister.

It looks like Andy Reid is a proud supporter of Body by Burger King.

That chick used to be such a bitch, but after Body by Burger King, her atitude changed, she'll bang any dude who gives her the time of day.
by JJBIII October 18, 2009
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