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A Nooby Dero

<Dero>Also spelt Derro, is a term for an extremely lower class no hoper. Especially those into underage smoking, wearing DADA or Adidas, Listens to Eminem and a stoner.

Basically the whole population of Kempsey, N.S.W Australia

Short for Derelict.

<Noob>Noobs are basically ignorant bastards, and they have a lot in common. The most often seen characteristic is their fluency in noobish, which is why it got its own section. They will also be very self confident as if they were the absolute best at what they are in fact the worst at. Also, they are quite agressive and self-centered, and tend to laugh a lot using many L's and O's in rapid sucession (the noobish word for laughing like an ultimate retard).
"Omg look at that guy, he sucks at being a derelict."

"He doesnt even know how to smoke weed!"

"What a Bobafrob!"
by S T R E Z Punkster 09 June 21, 2009
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