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A click of people who all post messages on a forum, and are all virtual friends with each other through the posting. They tend to exaggerate everything they post, and post the simplest and most benign stuff just to increase their post count. When a poster from outside the click posts, the click usually attacks that poster simply because the click feels that they own the forum, and anyone else who posts is an outsider. A common way to identify a group of board buddies is to post an intelligent message, or ask a legitimite question on a board, and when 4 or 5 other posters all gang up and respond making stupid remarks, or hijack the thread and take it off the subject, you've found a group of board buddies. Board buddies have poor social skills in public, so they sit at a computer and post hundreds of messages per week on their favorite site. They also have a tendency to share everything and anything about their personal lives amongst each other forgetting the web is public. They reveal more about themselves than they would to their own families, making it very easy to figure out who they are, where they live, and what their personal lives are all about.
Smitty posted a good question on the forum, and 5 board buddies all ganged up on him and made all kind of stupid remarks that didn't even have anything to do with his question.
by Frank LaGrotto June 06, 2009
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