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1- Ballin' on a budget.

2- Going out drinking as cheaply as possible and still trying to be smooth and pimp when in reality, you are a cheapskate.

3- Frequenting sink or swim or open bar events to take advantage of the free drinks and spend less cash.

4- Drinking vodka (or any other alcohol) out of a water bottle or any other container marked as something else in order to sneak the alcohol into an establishment and avoid expensive bar prices.

Girl 1: Hey Tracy, wanna go out and get wasted?

Girl 2: Yeah dude, but I gotta be Boabin' cos I'm broke and don't get paid till next Friday.


G-Dog 1: Yo playa... You boabin?

G-Dog 2: Hell yeah mofo, got my vodka in my water bottle right here sucka! I'm broke as fuck, and this dump charges WAY too much for our Pimp juice!
by VSL 1200 Christian June 06, 2009
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