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down to earth, yet complicated person who is always willing to offer anything to anyone even at the expense of their own relationship. has never met a stranger, can fix anything has a bad habit of offering to help to many people at once thus stretching themselves to thin. women should beware the male of this species carries a massive reproductive organ, mating has been known to last up to 48 hrs and females can climax repeatedly as many as 63 have been reported in a 12 hour span one such study the female climaxed a half hour after.

has amazing powers of observation, and has enhanced second sight ability.
extra caution should be used when approaching an agitated male will lash out violently and keep attacking even months after until victorious.

simple minded people should avoid the species they are extremely intelligent with very hi IQs reaching well into genius level have been known to cause insanity in the weaker minded from hundreds of miles away.

has a great distaste for television believes the gov. has created it to control the minds of people so that they will give money to an outdated tax law put in place to fund the revolutionary war against great Brittan where we lost our freedom to ourselves and was abolished by the people for the people after the war was won. amazing how the death toll was still climbing years after the war ended???
witchadidya Bo Hammond you dident bring any hot glue witchadidya
can I Bo Hammond can I borrow ???
Bo Hammond the builder Bo Hammond the builder can fix that.
GET UP AND GET OUT Our world is beautiful get up and get out here and explore Bo Hammond
by threeskidsrow$$OG&&LPG June 07, 2011
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