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1. To be unapologetic

2. To bash someone who is half our size.

3. To keep talking shit till the person who is offended works out for themselves that you are sorry but your just finding it impossible to say so.

4. To show no remorse.

5. To deny everything, because you see it as not your fault.
1. I can't say I didn't mean to do that, but I wish I didn't. For example To pick up ones girlfriend and throw her as hard as one can at a wall.

2. Guy 1: Did you hear what Nate did
Guy 2: No, what?
Guy 1: He threw his girlfriend into a wall.
Guy 2: Wow, thats very Blunty 3000 of him.

3. Guy 3: Well, there are two sides to this story
Guy 4: Because frankly bashing someone who is half our size.

4. Nate: I beat up my girlfriend last month.
Bob: Holy crap did you roll on the floor and cry, then beg her for forgiveness.
Nate: no way, I'm Blunty 3000

5. Nate: look I didn't do it, it's all her fault she threatened my laptop.
Police: Not a chance, your going away for a long time.

Just remember, don't be a Blunty 3000.
by EddiePrime January 20, 2009
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