A prank where someone falls asleep, most likely after ingesting copious amounts of Keystone Light or other frat beer, and one of their compadres skillfully places his testicles about the ears, laying their shaft across the face (mimicking a bluetooth headset) of the sleeping person. They then take a picture of it with the victim's cell phone and proceed to picture message everyone in their phonebook with the picture afterwords.
Douche1, "Dude, did you get the picture message from Tony last night, with a big cock laying across his face?"

Docuhe2, "Yeah man, he totally got the bluetooth headset at that party."
by DeeP_FRieD September 16, 2009
(noun) A device that allows people to appear to be talking to themselves. The best way to look like a schizophrenic. Also good for creating confusing conversations.
"Why is that guy talking to himself? Oh, he must be using a Bluetooth Headset ."
by etch dos April 4, 2009