BlueDevilMafia 57 , is an international criminal gang that originated in 2019 HeadHuncho Know As TsulKalu SouthCentralLos Angeles, California, Fresno California BlueDevilMafia 57 NorthsideFresno 5700 W Stuart AveCaliforniaZipcode93722.... Also SouthCentralLosAngeles5700 E Stuart Ave West Covina Ave Crips ♿ the Two Separate gangs was set from other gangs in the Los Angeles area They are well known Having trouble with Mexican Mafia MS-13 There Known For Being Heavy Metal Rough Riders Also Know For Being Non Biracial Natives Also African Americans other races They Worship the Cherokee Devil TsulKalu57 There Also GangMember Travelers There Known inside Northside Fresno Also SouthCentralLos Angeles.
BlueDevilMafia 57
by Hdthccgff December 12, 2020
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