The act of seeing or hearing something and then suddenly seeing it everywhere.
You buy a blue car, and suddenly you notice blue cars everywhere. This is Blue Car Syndrome.
by Erik N May 15, 2006
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Blue Car Syndrome, Also known as Frequency Illusion, or Baader-Meinhof phenomenon; Occurs when a new idea or object (like a blue car) is brought to your attention, that thing or idea will then abruptly begin appearing more often in your life, almost as if by coincidence.

Usually this is your mind noticing a new pattern which it previously ignored, in favor of information you were already aware of.
"I learned this new word, then the characters in all my favorite shows started saying it. Weird, but probably Blue Car Syndrome"

"I bought an old used Toyota, and now I see the same year and model everywhere I go! Definitely have Blue Car Syndrome"
by BujuBoru May 18, 2023
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