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(First off, the Blue Orgy Theorem is a tangent of the Bubble Theorem.)

When people get control over these Pink Bubbles (mentioned in Bubble Theorem) every human wants a perfect reality, so they make their own. When this happens, everybody is in their <i>own</i> reality; everybody is seperated from everybody else.

Eventually, these segregated peoples in their personalized dimensions will come to the realization that they yearn for <i>real</i> human contact and cannot deal with the fakeness that they have come to accept. As these dimensions come together, they interlink and form a massive web of the overlapping of everybody's personal dimensions. This is called The Blue Orgy, because when everybody finally meets with another REAL human being...they have a massive univeral ... you guessed it - ORGY.

The term Blue Orgy can also be used as a greeting, but the word "Blue" can also be replaced with any descriptive word (colors in particular). When a word that sounds similar to "orgy" is used before it, you can combine the words.
Ex: Orange Orgy = Orangy.

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Jeff: Wazzup Blue Orgy?

Tyler: Not much Orangy. Did you finish that hw?

Jeff: No, it was Dfish on Fish dude!!!!!

Tyler: Haha that sucks. Chemistry can be as confusing as a Wheres Waldo Orgy, ya know?


Jeff: Its Dfish on Fish
by Dfish on Fish September 27, 2008
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