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The explosive release of cum from the female vagina hours after sex. A true bundle blow can only be achieved by a female when a tremendous amount of cock force & cum has been released in the vagina. Often the blowing of the bundle is a pleasant surprise as it arrives 1 to 2 hours after intercourse. Blowing the bundle has been known to cause blindness if one is unfortunate enough to be observing the vagina hours after this kind of cum force cocking as the bundle is released @ mach speed. Like earthquakes the 1st release is followed by less severe releases as the initial blast. Often refered to as reverse hoarding of the jerky as the vagina has gathered up the massive release of their partner.
Person 1-Golly I've got to do something about Barry. He's ruining my chances of meeting other guys and not to mention destroying every pair of underwear I own. Person 2-Geez, how's he doing that?? Person 1-He's always hoarding all that jerky and let's it all go in me. Everytime he does I'm sure to be blowing the bundle an hour later. I had a date the other night but I almost took his eyes out when I started blowing the bundle when he went down on me. Person 2-Damn that Barry!
by jujuman31 April 08, 2010
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