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a Little human like species that contains a HUGE BUTTHOLE with gold coins inside of it. Whenever the Blowing naked leprechaun escapes from his cage he screams KATIE CRILLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.... for 30 seconds then rapes everybody he sees. Watch out for his massive BLACK PENIS, which is amazingly 5 miles thick and 2 inches long.But people like to play with it and shot it like a gun, and sing "LOOK INTO MY EYES WHILE I MASTURBATE". DABAINTSA has sexy time with the Blowing naked leprechaun..... but doesnt use a Book Cart to ride an atif in. BEWARE of the Blowing naked leprechaun and hes Katie Crilly powers,He will shot you so hard with his gold CUM that you would be shitting gold out your elbows. If you ever encounter a Blowing naked leprechaun have a bag of cookies and buy a naked mole rat for protection.
Blowing naked leprechaun
Katie Crilly
Mole Rats
by The Naked Milk Man August 24, 2010
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