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Blowers Remorse is the after math of an 8 ball + bad judgment.

a. After a night of wacking down fat lines you decide it’s a good idea to bang the first person that answers your call. (this person may or may not be from the personals section of the village voice)

b.Your 50 piece runs out so you call your connect only to find out you blew through your savings account and now need to manually blow your dealer for a 20.

c.You accidently switch your bag of soft with your friends bag of hard- 3 days later you wake up in a jail cell with an unidentifiable rash around your mouth.

d.After a night of cooking up your own shit you decide to call your ex for a late night rendezvous, only to realize you have just asked your current girlfriend to come by take it in the can and promise not to tell your girl about this.

“ Damn I wacked down a 8 ball to the face, got so horny I ran to the deli and called an asian tranny from the village voice”- coke head
“dude, that sounds like a personal problem, but I have tickets to the benfica game can you come”-pedro
“no I have an appointment at the clinic my ass is on fire”- coke head
“I can borrow my grandmas donut for you”-pedro
“im never doing coke again”-coke head
“dude sounds like you got a case of blowers remorse”-pedro

"Fuck the bags dry"- Antonio
"dude just call your guy with the 50's"- drew
"hes on his way give me some paper"-Antonio
"i only have 15"-drew
"i guess your going to have to take one for the team" antonio"
"why me, my ass still hurts from thursday"-drew
"because its my connect"- antonio
"i cant believe i let him cum in my mouth"-drew
"this is good shit you wont taste anything in 2 minutes good team work"-antonio
"i cant believe i have taken it this far"- drew
"dude calm down what are you having an episode of blowers remorse"-antonio
"fuck this is good shit"-drew
by lil dove November 17, 2011
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