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Getting a blow-job while you are benching large amounts of weight. Considered the holy grail of blow jobs. You get huge while getting hige.
A blow flex is where you go into a closet with a girl and she starts to pull your pants down. You looks for someplace to sit and you see a bench. As she starts sucking, you start benching, thus a blow flex.
by Supa Psych Mike June 17, 2010
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When u get a miraculous blow job while using the infamous BOWFLEX
Mario: Holy shit, my guido cousin, I was workin' out the other day, and this sexy bitch named Pamela Anderson came and sucked my deek while i was using a bowflex.

Luigi: You mean a blowflex? MmMmMMMmMm...
by Geraldothebaldo July 26, 2009
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