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An internet celebrity, he's Twenty-Three and a mixture of Puertorican and Mexican, he is considered gay or bisexual by most of his friends but to those who thought he was it turns out that this young man is very straight but supports gay rights, he is very friendly and has the words of those who don't know how to put them out, he speaks down on the Illuminati and often refers to them as Killuminati, he disagrees with bullies and often argues to himself about bad things, his very appreciative of those who supports he's words but can often be found a worse enemy to others at times, his name symbolizes many different things some may have thought he was in the Bloods Piru gang but his name is one of the most respectable names today his name was given to him by some of the most verocious gangs in the world, its said to be over 6 years old in the making of his name.
He is not only the fun loving character that all knows about him, but he is actually considered trained by the Mara Salvatrucha gang in combat, Blood lil smoke's real name is Tyrone L.A. McKenzie, but its only found as Tyrone McKenzie on the internet.

I was told that he has numerous gangs watching his every move but he calls them controllers because he does not like to sound to ghetto since he made claims that his ghetto days were long and gone over, Tyrone McKenzie has connections to almost every gang territory i can think of that is based here in America especially in Los Angeles, CA but he clearly denies it most of the time to prevent further problems with his life.

Tyrone McKenzie aka Blood Lil Smoke does not act like a gangster he's a real gentleman and sweet at heart he disagrees with guns and knifes and prefers to fight with his knuckles "Real Men Fight Like Real Men Do" he goes against everything that is hateful and bad for peoples eyes but he opens most of our eyes to see the true world.

He has pages on, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Aim, Skype, Ooovoo, Bluepulse, Reporo, Mocospace and so on
by Mellissa Turfgough March 27, 2011
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