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An enabler for truth. One who speaks truth to power. People who provide real news and opinions and are no longer at the mercy of, or controlled by MSM.

Blog hooligans are an incredibly seismic and democratic force. They are willing to cover any point of view, special interest, or pet project, whether conservative, liberal or moderate, or aimed at justice, media bias, literature, sports whatever.

Blog hooligans do what MSM used to but rarely do anymore-they serve as a check against abusive power and corruption, and media bias.

The etymology of the word "blog hooligans" may be Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong's description of the Duke lacrosse players as 'hooligans' early in the Duke Lacrosse hoax. The term "blog hooligans" was first coined by Prof. Cathy Davidson in 2007 in "The aftermath of a social disaster". Nifong's use of the term hooligans may be the origin of the term in Davidson's letter.

Variation: Blooligan
1. Most of my emails comes from right-wing blog hooligans.
2. The blog hooligans support the Duke lacrosse players.
3. Blooligans spread facts faster than a speeding bullet, use TRUTH that's more powerful than a locomotive, are able to leap over Tall Tales.
by wabb January 06, 2007
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