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A highly self-righteous person (often female) who sees themselves as a hip shining star of epiphanal insights and "truth" amongst a sea of dull cyber starfish, and communicates said "insights" via nausea-inducing blog anecdotes. In reality, said individual's tastes and opinion tend to be extremely vapid, bland, and overall pedestrian. Nonetheless, the superstar tends to write an ever-expading series of blogs on sites like Myspace--all of which manage to receive long lists of kudos and comments from equally vapid, pseudo-intellectual individuals--thus reinforcing the blog superstar's finely-molded self image as a highly relevant voice and intellectual beacon of cyberspace. Profile is generally set to 'public', so as to maximize the chances of the superstar's philosophical gold being happened upon by as many "lucky" and "privileged" individuals as possible. Common topics touched upon include:

"The untimely death of (friend/loved one's name)"
"My 'big move' from small town comforts to urban chaos" (and similar fish-out-of-water anecdotes)
"Love, and what it really means"
"How the sheer spontaneity of big city life has opened my eyes" (often occurring several weeks after the initial aforementioned 'fish-out-of-water' blog)
"Why I feel compelled to move to (obscure third world country) for xx months and do volunteer/missionary work", and
"Why the humble inhabitants of (obscure third world country) have it 'all figured out', and why we are so inferior in comparison".
The last two are often combined into a longer, two-part hybrid blog.
Hey, seen Jen's new blog about life in the Big Apple? It's like, she really just tells it how it is, ya know? She's such a blog superstar--that girl should be sharing an office with Peter Travers!
by Robb-a-Dobb September 07, 2007
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