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"Blip In Your Bloop" is when you are forced to do something tragic, like murdering you're family and friends with a revolver because you believe it is the end of the world caused by giant bugs. But after murdering them, you run out of bullets for yourself and find out the world is actually fine and you've been saved. That's a blip in your bloop. Please refer to film The Mist for full 'Blip in your Bloop' effect.
Tom Jane has 4 Bullets left. His son, new girlfriend and 2 elderly people in the car with him. Giant bugs will viscously eat them alive if they don't take their our own lives.

BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM *Tom Jane kills 4 passengers sacrificing himself to the bugs hiding in the mist outside of the car.

Minutes later.

The Army shows up saving everyone in the town, including Tom Jane himself.

Terry Roberts *in the theatre*- Well... that's a blip in your bloop!
by Nashacorey November 19, 2013
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