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Also known as "the average homeboy" and "Denny Blaze". Blazin Hazen is a rapper - a whack one it might be added but a rapper nonetheless - who has released a number of albums including "Hot to Trot", "Bam Boom" and "Blazin". He has reinforced the stereotype that (almost all) white men cannot rap.His rap comes off as a joke, yet nobody can say for certain whether the Average Homeboy is for real.
Hazen claims that "Once you hear my demo you'll just be BLAZED". Luckily for him the meaning of BLAZED is ambiguous.
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- (verb): to "gay it up" or the act of being whack.
"Their screamin my name cause I burn the feet
the ladies go crazy when I turn the beat" - Blazin Hazen

Carlo, if you ever Blazin Hazen again I'll shoot you in the nuts.
by Blazin Hazen August 05, 2006
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