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The bastard child of a golddigging blonde and an african american football player. The main physical characteristics of such a female are an extremely loose vagina (due to having feet stuck up there), nappy hair, caveman teeth and last but definetly not least danggly and droopy breasts. A hypocrytical, materiallistic and cleptomaniac slut who forces herself on boys and is very keen on giving oral sex. It is most common for one of these to have very few friends apart from the males that take advantage of her. A BlakeMo is a vomitive creature that will give a sensation of disgust upon physical contact. Such beings should be exterminated from the planet. Aswell as being extremely easy to enbed, BlakeMo's usually lack alot of self-confidence, self-respect and have shit for brains.
"WHOA I can't believe my whole foot fit up there, she must have been a blakeMo... Wait a second where is my wallet? SHIT! That easy hoe stole it and why the hell do I suddenly have clymedia!!. I'm never gonna get with a BlakeMo again"
by Folemesiter September 12, 2006
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