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A radio station for online Gamers in the game Guild Wars.

The station as been rewarded by Arena net on several occasions for its community service work with the games community. Doing massive community holidays, and giveaways daily they are a potent power in the games community. It is run by Wolfie the owner, and founder of the station.

Some of the primary DJ's are DJ Tesla, DJ Aven, DJ Drewsipher, DJ Ripple, DJ Chaotic, DJ Giggles
Player1: Alright so if you need anymore help let me know, k
Newbie:Thanks, ill try to limit the times i pm you
Player1: And be sure to come to tune into Blade Radio, there's a huge community celebration coming up might as well attend
Newbie: Awesome ill be sure to do that
by GW_Watchman October 24, 2009
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