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A method of rating hot females with your mates that isn't as obvious as giving them a number out of 10.
It is essential that you and the other males involved have a decent knowledge of the card game, Blackjack.
It basically comes down to whether or not you want to hit it or not.
If you were to be dealt a 17 you may or may not hit depending on the level of risk you are willing to take. Sluts and ugly females usually only get numbers higher than this as you are either taking a risk (with an STD) or you have nothing to lose.
If dealt a 12-16 you would probably hit it.
10 or less is a definite hit.
If you get 11 you would double down.
Pair of # is used when there is two girls together as you can split them up and hit them both. Remember the lower the number, the more times you are able to hit.
Dan: Check out that pair of 4's.
Tim: Good call mate, how about that 16 over there?
Dan: Yeah maybe after a few beers. Your mum is definately an 11.
Tim: Your mum is a 2 and the dealer has 20.
Dan: How good is the blackjack rating system hey.
Tim: About as good as that 10 over there.
Dan: Yeah I'd definately hit that.
by RusselT April 07, 2008
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