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This is someone who has a unearthly ninjaness in beer pong mastery. these individuals have the ability to fingerblast your girlfriend while still maintaining a p.h.d. in beer pong. a true m-f 'ing beer pong champion never bounces, because bouncing is for bitches. if you encounter a BBBP they will turn your tiny joke of a weiner into a mangina.
" You were supposed to get married yesterday, i heard you didn't show up?"

" i know, we ran into a black belt in beer pong and i woke up in a bathtub with my dick hanging out and a helmet on

"thats crazy dude"

"it gets better, i also stole my girls cat and took a dump in her microwave.. im not hanging out with those guys ever again"
by 2 guys 1 cup April 08, 2010
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