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Mythical tales told by African American males to insight fear within the white community. Much of the content of the tales is based on actual black sterotypes, thus making some of them seem legitimate. Caucasians with extensive experience dealing with urban people are usually less easily fooled.
When Tyrik told me that he used to beat random white people as a youth, I chalked his nonsense up as silly Black Propaganda.
by tactrash April 27, 2008
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Black propaganda is false information that is spread claiming to be from a source on one side when in reality it usually comes from the opposed side. It was a common tactic during WWII to misrepresent and embarrass enemies. A major attribute with black propaganda is people are not aware someone is trying to influence them. It's messages are usually subtle and will only be accepted by the target audience if they believe it's really from it's supposed source.
During WWII the Schneiders, a young German family, would listen to the radio station "Radio Deutschland". They would often hear messages from the Nazi Party about the best way to commit suicide in the event the Soviets attacked. Little did they know "Radio Deutschland" was a station aired by British Intelligence as black propaganda against the Nazis.
by Estelwen June 03, 2014
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