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n. A word originating from southern black people to describe another black person who tells blatant lies to another black person's face. Although it is used mainly between black relatives or close, black friends, it can also be used by people of another ethnicity to describe a black person who tells blatant lies.
1) Robert: I thought me and you were gonna go shoot some pool yesterday.
Irving: Oh, damn, I forgot all about that.
Robert: You a Black Ass Lie!

2) Carl: Hey, man, you see that fine girl right there with the apple bottom? I hit that a while back.
Gary: Man, you a Black Ass Lie!

3) Andre: I'm tired of being a slacker, I'm gonna go out and look for a job tomorrow.
Andre's mom: Boy, you a Black Ass Lie!

4) Boss: I can't give you another chance, Willie. I'm sorry, I gotta let you go this time.
Willie: Aww, come on now, Boss. Give me one more chance. I promise I wont mess up again.
Boss: You a Black Ass Lie! You said that the last four times!
by Mr Secks March 01, 2011
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