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A person that takes 15-20 shots in short period of time then blacks out and goes on a menacing rage of drunken madness. It is usually a good night for this person because they can't remember it.
Bob: Did you hear what Joe did last night at the bar?
Megan: Yeah I heard he was a real black out menace

by crazywon21 March 02, 2011
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Someone with the uncanny ability to consume alcohol to the point of regurgitation and continue beyond without the upchuck. This usually results in a lapse of memory for most of the night and the good possibility of forgetting to smoke, chase the opposite sex, or even merely behave in a civilized manner.
Guy 1:"Dude, I don't remember anything last night"

Guy 2:"That's because you were the blackout-menace!"
by Fuzzy Nutz January 08, 2009
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