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According to David Bowie in an interview with Dick Cavett:

"Black Noise is the register in which you can crack a city or's a noise bomb."

Likely referring to the great protest culture that pervaded music during the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War. Probably wasn't talking about shitty punk garage bands screaming about getting stuck in traffic.
"This Black Noise is gonna be all over Detroit man, boys are gonna riot!"

"If you think a single song can fix unemployment, poverty, starvation, disease, prostitution, crime, and your mother's macaroni salad, be my guest bub."
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by Kaane Ilera June 10, 2017
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A mind numbing sensation that deafens the ears when all that can be found on the television is BET or VH1.
Joe: "Turn that fuckin' black noise off before I go deaf."
Andrew: "Sorry man, I was tryin' to get my rap on."
by PhilJoe January 14, 2010
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